2007 – The luthier Giuseppe Fiorini

libri_giuseppe_fiorini"The Luthier Giuseppe Fiorini" was written by two luthery experts from Modena: Roberto Fiorini (a direct descendent of the Fiorini family) and the luthier Lorenzo Frignani.

The authors believe that this prestigious edition published by Giuglia Editore represents "the recognition of a person who acted with profound honesty and love for his chosen profession of luthery and whose primary desire and objective was to revive, with dignity, the art of classical lute-making according to the Cremonese and Italian traditions."

It is a work which goes well beyond a simple eulogy and recognition of Giuseppe Fiorini's (1861-1934) profound professionalism. The authors explore in detail the various stages of his life and the events which, starting from Bologna, prompt and oblige the luthier to move first to Munich in Bavaria, Germany, then to Zurich in Switzerland, on to Rome in 1923 to finally settle in Munich, Germany for health reasons. It is a journey which, at first sight, appears somewhat unstable. However, Fiorini's constant change of home was motivated principally by an overwhelming desire to reverse the decline of lute-making in Italy and to return it to the splendour of the 1700s. Indeed, in 1911, his biographer Hondo defined Giuseppe Fiorini as the "pioneer of modern lute-making".

The significant moments in his life are linked first to the extremely difficult and complicated purchase of the so-called "Stradivarian relics" and subsequently to the uncertain attempt of founding a school of luthery. It is on the basis of these two elements that the authors carry out their historical and philological research, using as a reference not only the extremely limited bibliography on the subject but predominantly epistological documents.

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