2008 – LUIGI MOZZANI – Life & Work

New and up-to-date material dedicated to the figure of Luigi Mozzani which examines, in detail, his instrumental production, his collaborators and, in particular, the importance of his work and its influence on Italian culture in the early 1900s.The book (bilingual English-Italian) features colour photographs, technical data regarding the various instruments of his production, up-to-date historical records of his music and describes his relationship with the musical culture of his time.

There are two important supplements which come with the book: a CD featuring recordings of this most important music including original recordings of Mozzani's music played by the artist himself, Mario Maccaferri and Carmen Lenzi Mozzani. There is also a technical drawing in Autocad of a one-armed guitar used by Luigi Mozzani for his concerts.

Richly informative, this book is a fundamental addition to texts regarding the history of Italian luthery.

Price: Euro 110

Other Informations: http://www.harpguitarmusic.com/listings/listing_book_mozzani.htm

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