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Dear Enthusiast, Professional, Student,

With the creation of LF Edizioni in 2007 together with Sauro Malagoli of Carpi, enthusiast and editor of LF Edizioni's translations and critical notes, Lorenzo Frignani has added a very important component to his traditional lute-making activities.

LF Edizioni's activities are twofold: first, to translate into Italian books and texts relating to the various aspects of luthery which have originally been published in a foreign language. Second, to republish texts or books written by "classical authors" from 1700 to the present day.

By translating texts in foreign languages into Italian and by publishing both historic and contemporary material of particular importance, the primary aim of the project is to increase the knowledge of luthery in Italy overall.

LF Edizioni herewith presents a range of works already published or due to be published in the coming months and which form a series of publications.

The books are currently sold out

For any information regarding the purchase of items listed, please contact:

Lorenzo Frignani - tel. 059.243222 -
e-mail: frilor1960@gmail.com
Sauro Malagoli - tel. 059 9771953 -
e-mail: sauro.malagoli@fastwebnet.it

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