The Frignani Collection


The story of this collection begins by chance in 1976, when, still student, acquires the first instrument in an antique market. Since then, his interest in liuteria has developed rapidly through a professional flair, bringing it around 35 years to collect and find a collection of historical guitars mainly from Italian school. By virtue of a passion that has never been a profit, but rather a principle of responsibility for the preservation and maintenance of what can now be considered a cultural heritage to be protected, also in virtue of its skills acquired in the profession of luteur restorer , The collection is structured.

Today, the collection boasts an unprecedented number of pinpoint instruments, particularly Italian schools, with unique examples in the world, a cultural reference for all those who move in the Ligurian area, both from the point of view of users (musicians) and lutes and restorers.

The collection has allowed in various situations

  • Mostra di Pieve di Cento Italia
  • Mostra Philip Morris International Svizzera
  • Mostra Settimane Estensi Modena
  • Mostra Geigenbaumuseum Mittenwald Germania,

To produce scientific catalogs and historical insights, today referring to enthusiasts and industry experts and is considered one of the rarest in the world. In sporadic situations some tools have also been handed over to international museum facilities (MFA Boston) that required them through official procedures and today enrich those public collections.